At Evergreen Early Education Centre we deliver what we promise! Our core outcomes are linked directly to the Evergreen Values:

To offer an experience that is unlike anything else. At Evergreen we believe that every child is one of a kind. We will endeavour to provide a service that meets the individual needs and expectations of every child and their family, whilst ensuring everyone’s equal rights and values are respected.

To provide an environment and experiences that are challenging, stimulating and full of discovery. Our curriculum is a stepping stone for lifelong skills acquired through investigation and understanding whilst having fun. Evergreen is a branch of learning, striving to empower every child with the skills to become a resilient and confident young person.

We are receptive to new ideas, cultures, traditions and experiences. We welcome and embrace the suggestions and opinions of our children, families, educators and community. We are committed to providing a service that is transparent and inclusive in a setting that is comfortable, where everyone belongs.