We understand the importance of having a great team of Educators to support the Mission, Values and Philosophy that the Evergreen foundation is built upon. The Evergreen family is made up of a team of qualified, diverse, nurturing and experienced Educators with years of industry experience. Our team is led by an industry professional who has spent many years working directly on the floor, managing Centres and being in an operational role for a multisite organisation. Having worn so many different hats within this industry it has given the Evergreen team the advantage of experience, knowledge and an understanding of what it takes to deliver a service which stands out from the rest.

‘We are an organisation that connects with our families and builds a foundation for
positive and successful partnerships.’

We are proud that many of our key team members have already been assessed and have a firm understanding of the new National Quality Framework and have received an ‘Exceeding Rating’ for Centres they have managed or worked in. The Early Years Learning Framework and National Quality Standards are embedded within our team members and embodies all of our daily practices within our Centre.

We pride ourselves on offering a working environment that is supportive and attuned to the needs of our team members, intern that means the Educators are happy and enjoying what they are doing, which is an extension onto the service that is delivered to our children and families.

'When families entrust their children into our care they want to know, first of all,
that we are caring and trustworthy... that their children are going to be okay
while they are with us'
Source: 'Bringing the EYLF to life in your community'