We at Evergreen are aware that food provided within our Centre has an important role to play in the growth and development of our children. We understand that choices made now can influence their future eating habits. 

Our menu meets the daily nutritional requirements as specified for Early Education Centres. The children are served a variety of foods including a range of textures and taste appropriate to the development stages of each age group. The children are also encouraged to drink milk and water throughout the day. Apple slices are served after lunch as a dental recommendation.

 Produce harvested from our very own vegetable and herb garden is used in our cooking classes as well as our weekly menu. 

All our meals are prepared onsite in our commercial grade kitchen by our amazing chef. Evergreen had developed a four week rotating menu for all the children to enjoy!

Evergreen also provides facilities and offers opportunities and support to families to continue to provide breastmilk or breastfeed their child in care.

Evergreen Early Education Centre is a ‘Nut Free’ Centre. We cater for all children and their
dietary requirements whether based on an allergy, vegetarian, cultural or religious beliefs.