Orientation visits at Evergreen

At Evergreen Early Education Centre we provide an orientation process for new children and families to familiarise themselves with the daily routine and activities, of the Centre and for the parents to reassure themselves that the children do settle in quickly to their new environment. Together with the family, the Centre Manager will arrange for your child to attend the Centre to visit and meet the Educators. The children are encouraged to participate in the activities. A number of young children prefer to just watch, rather than participate which is fine as they are still familiarising themselves with their new environment and absorbing all the new experiences at the Centre.

We do recommend that as a part of the orientation process that your child attends a minimum of three short orientation visits at different points of the day which will be discussed with the Centre Manager. During each orientation visit the room leader and Educators will follow a guide designed to ensure nothing has been missed and all areas have been covered e.g. lockers, sign in/out, communication charts, bathrooms, menu etc. Please feel free to use this time to ask any additional questions or request more written information about the Centre if required.

Positive interactions at this time between parents, Educators and the child are essential for the child to build positive attitudes to the Centre environment. Educators are aware that some children respond to new experiences faster than others and will adapt to each individual child’s situation.

Before your child’s first official day at Evergreen it is essential that all documentation (Enrolment form, Immunisation, Birth Certificate, Direct Debt form and any additional information e.g. Allergy Action Plans, Dietary requirements, special comfort items etc.) has been completed/discussed/handed into the Centre Manager. It is important that you allow the Centre Manager and Educators time to prepare for your child’s first day. This will ensure your child and yourself will settle into our Centre smoothly.

On Your Child's First Day at Evergreen

The first day is a very exciting time for you and your child! The Educators will be prepared for your child to attend the Centre understanding this day may bring some anxiety especially if your child has never attended care before.

Please make sure all of your child’s belongings have been clearly labelled and any comforters are also labelled and given to your child’s Educator. The Centre provides bed linen, nappies, wipes, hats, sunscreen, all meals (breakfast, morning tea, lunch, afternoon, late snack) and refreshments. This will assist with preparing your child for their first day at Evergreen and make it a slightly easier process for you.

You are invited to stay as long as needed to reassure your child. Sometimes it’s easier for the Educators to settle your child on arrival, and for you to arrive earlier on collection to spend time with your child – rather than doing this at drop off time. We understand how you are feeling and we are here to support you and your child.

We encourage parents to say goodbye when dropping off and please be reassured that you can call the Centre to check on your child at any time of the day.

On collection we encourage you to have a look at the Storypark Community post, Communication Charts and speak to your child’s Educator about their first day.

Key Times throughout the day

As routines may differ based on the individual needs and age of the children, each room does follow a routine as a guideline for children, families and Educators. You may request a copy of your child’s room routine at any time. The routine is also displayed on the parent noticeboard for you to view and give feedback.